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Small Wind Turbines
For Homes, Businesses, and Off-Grid

    Bergey Windpower  is the world's leading supplier of small wind turbines. With installations in all 50 U.S. States and more than 90 countries,  and an international network of ~800 dealers, Bergey WindPower have the products and experience to put the wind to work for you.

   Bergey Windpower, takes pride in offering advanced-technology products that let homeowners and businesses generate their own clean power and even spin their utility meter backwards.  Bergey WindPower turbines are also used for off-grid homes, for rural electrification, and to boost the performance of solar electric systems.

   "The 5-years warranty" offered by Bergey Windpower is a testimony that they make the most reliable and longest lasting wind turbines available.  The best in the industry.

   Dugas Equipement, can provide a complete "turnkey" installation and will enhance the Bergey warranty by providing on-site service.

Visit http://www.smallwindenergy.ca/ for a great source of information on small wind  energy.


   Make an educated choice, do your own research and you will find that Bergey Wind Turbines are the best in the industry.

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